In Conversation: ATR with Zuzana Hrnkova

in conversation use this oneATR’s vice president and head of marketing Zuzana Hrnkova joins RGN deputy editor John Walton to talk about the past, present and future of the turboprop airframer.

What is ATR, and where do its two aircraft types, the ATR 72 and 42, fit in the aviation spectrum? How are they different from the rest of the market? Why are turboprops more efficient, with a lower environmental impact, than jet aircraft? What’s the ATR-42S short-takeoff-and-landing version, and why is ATR proposing it? Just how many missions need an 800-metre runway, and where?

How has the passenger experience aboard ATR’s turboprops changed over the years, and how has the Armonia cabin helped? Just how have ATR and Geven fit 18-inch-wide seats into a turboprop fuselage, and are airlines still requesting seats with recline?

And lastly, how is ATR’s work to bring induction loop technology for Deaf and hard of hearing passengers going? What is the solution looking like, and how will it be implemented? Listen below for answers.

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