In Conversation: the Mitsubishi SpaceJet with Isaac Alexander

in conversation use this oneWhat’s new with the Mitsubishi SpaceJet, and where has the programme come from? What’s the latest on this delayed but very promising aircraft? How did its history — and Japan’s corporate landscape — lead it to where it is today, and what does today’s market look like for this size of plane in the context of Airbus’s A220, Boeing’s E2 partnership with Embraer, and indeed the CRJ moving to Mitsubishi.

How do the new M100 and M90 compare with the MRJ70 and MRJ90 in the 70-odd and 90-odd passenger space? What about a stretched M200? How does the new Safran ECOS family-based cabin stand up? Why is the future bright for Mitsubishi and the aircraft? And where might Mitsubishi base its US operations for the SpaceJet?

Listen here as RGN deputy editor John Walton is in conversation with Seattle-based aerospace writer Isaac Alexander. A transcript of this podcast will also be published on this page shortly: please email with any feedback on formatting or with any recommendations for increasing its accessibility to the widest possible audience.