Press Release: Expliseat to become an Airbus qualified supplier


Expliseat is glad to announce the start of the Airbus Supplier Qualification process for the TiSeat E2, targeting to become a linefit supplier on the single aisle market within the next two years.

A process driven by customer demands

Commercially launched in 2018, the TiSeat E2 has already logged orders for 95 aircraft shipsets in total with several customers worldwide. Facing the high demand of the single aisle aircraft market, it became natural to offer linefit deliveries on the A320 family and provide more flexibility to our customers.

“Entering into the Airbus Qualification Process is an honor and an amazing opportunity to increase our production and technical capacity over the next 2 years with the guidance of Airbus best practices and experienced teams” expressed Benjamin Saada. Expliseat’s CEO.

The TiSeat E2: Unequalled seat performance

Starting at 5kg per Pax, the TiSeat E2 is the world’s lightest aircraft seat in the economy class sector. Versatility is one key characteristic of the TiSeat E2 as it provides an unlimited choice of styles, wide range of features – including recline- and passenger comfort options. Airlines are able to select a seat that exceeds passenger’s expectations.

Since company inception in 2011, Expliseat has a unique objective: “To make TiSeat technology the best aircraft seat technology” expressed Benjamin Saada. Expliseat’s CEO.


About Expliseat

Founded in March 2011, Expliseat combines high industrial performance with advanced technology to improve air transport efficiency via ultra-light aircraft seats.

Multi awarded company, Expliseat is one of the most innovative company in the world in the interior transportation sector. The TiSeat E1, launched in 2013, is flying all over the world on more than 10 airlines on Airbus A320, ATR 72, ATR 42 and Dassault Falcon Jet multi role.

Inspired by Titanium Seat NEO, a “concept seat” designed together with the Peugeot Design Lab for Single Aisle Aircrafts, the TiSeat E2 was launched in 2018. The seat was selected to equip Bombardier Q400 and Boeing 737 aircrafts. In January 2019, TiSeat E2 started operations in India with Spicejet airline.