Press Release: Passenger announcement pause function ready for W-IFE

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Interactive Mobility has released a pioneering technology that makes using its portable W-IFE solution easier and safer for airlines.

The Flymingo Box now includes automatic passenger announcement pause. This feature supports a pause to the IFE streaming system for PA announcements without crew or pilot intervention.

This evolution, which uses a proprietary technology, is available on any Flymingo Box connected to the aircraft electrical network. This industry-first solution works by picking up signals from the passenger announcement system.

“This is a long awaited product feature. Airlines came to us because they wanted a fully automatized way to comply with passenger announcement regulations. Flymingo Box now enables our customers to address safety standards while offering streaming for up to 100 passengers,” said Tanguy Morel, CEO at Interactive Mobility.

A crew-friendly service

This development highlights Flymingo’s expanded capability and the value of options for airlines striving to allow smooth usage for crew members whilst deploying a flexible IFE service.

“Flymingo is a hassle-free IFE solution which improves both passenger and crew experience on board,” said Tanguy Morel.

The Flymingo Box can be entirely monitored via a dedicated mobile application. Crew members can access a dashboard on their electronic device to oversee and control the service. The application allows for example flight attendants to view the Wi-Fi status, check the number of connected devices, and even receive orders.

A Flymingo Crew Application, meanwhile, is available on any electronic device, and has an Apple Watch version.

Flymingo Box: An aircraft-powered device

Earlier in 2018, Interactive Mobility set up a partnership with a DOA partner to develop a new version of the Flymingo Box as an aircraft-powered portable wireless solution, offering an option to connect to the aircraft power system.


This connected option for Flymingo Box, involves the bracing of the streaming unit in a certified cradle. Developed with Interactive Mobility’s engineering partner, which will be responsible for any required minor-mod certification and fitting of the combined cradle and power supply to Flymingo Box, the solution ensures the wireless device offers a solution that is cost-effective and flexible but that can also accommodate an airline’s appetite to ease operations significantly.

Interactive Mobility was selected to provide this new featured IFE equipment to four European airlines. The Flymingo Box will be installed on thirty A320 and A321 aircrafts by mid 2019.

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