In Conversation: the latest in business and first with Michele Robson

in conversation use this oneTaking a magnifying glass to the pointy end of the plane, air traffic controller turned luxury travel writer Michele Robson of UK-based travel site Turning Left for Less is in conversation with RGN deputy editor John Walton.

With business class heading the way of first class, and with company budgets banning flatbeds, is premium economy really becoming the new business class? How well are airlines doing taking care of their premium leisure travellers? Which are the best business class seats in the sky? How are the new Iberia A350 seats, and how do they compare with IAG stablemate British Airways?

Speaking of British Airways, is it too late for the airline to be able to avoid a non-suite product? If so, what does that do to BA’s “world’s best business class” First product? Does it become a lounge-brand product? And what about soft product?