STG adopts and improves Airbus LED lighting to enhance #PaxEx


While aircraft lighting may not be at the high end of details passengers actively observe during a flight, its passive impact can be quite meaningful. It brings a calming effect to the cabin, and oft-times the perception of more space.

STG Aerospace, a long-time manufacturer of LED cabin lighting for the Boeing 737 and 757, has adapted and improved its products for the Airbus A320 and A330 family of aircraft. Runway Girl Network caught up with the firm at the Aircraft Interiors Expo to learn more.


STG says it has gotten the install time of its LiTeMood LED down to under five hours from start to finish. The process includes removing the existing fluorescent tube lights with new brackets and full spectrum LED fixtures.

STG’s solution requires no new aircraft software or control panel; instead it employs the existing flight attendant service panel and pre-set brightness levels.

LiTeMood is pre-configured at installation to offer certain colors and moving scenes, but can be updated post-install to display new scenes and colors by use of an infrared device. If an airline wants to update its lighting scheme for a particular holiday or event, it is able to do so without and hardware modifications.

Small Planet Airlines and XL Airways France have both signed on to offer LiTeMood on a retrofit basis. STG will stay focused on the retrofit market, and will not immediately be seeing line-fit offerability.

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