PR Story: Mirus innovates with futuristic seating concept


At AIX 2017, Mirus showcased the Vision 2030 Concept. This 16G proven concept is a representation of a clean sheet, performance driven product that focuses all of Mirus’ Formula 1 engineering expertise into creating the lightest and most durable aircraft seat ever.

Why develop a product that will never come to market? Because no one knows what is possible until you challenge the impossible. The Vision 2030 pushed our engineering into areas rarely seen in this market. The result is a futuristic engineering marvel that conquers the impossible to inspire and influence the possible of today.

The mission required a complete rethink of traditional economy seat architectures through the extensive application of carbon fibre materials. The result demonstrates Mirus’ ability to push the boundaries of what is perceived possible in the economy seat market. With only 8 parts and weighing just 3.8kg per PAX, the Vision 2030 Concept would be the lightest, simplest aircraft seat ever. If taken to production, it would deliver significant benefits in fuel savings and maintenance costs whilst redefining living space standards for passengers.

Whilst not intended for production, the Vision 2030 Concept serves as a technology demonstrator for structural concepts and materials whilst hinting at possible future Mirus product directions and design languages. Our expertise in Formula 1 means that we understand how to extract every last inch of performance out of carbon fibre, capitalising upon its material properties and playing to its strengths. The widespread use of carbon fibre as the primary structural material has facilitated multiple innovative features and an entirely unique approach to seat frame design. This was largely made possible through the extensive use of advanced computer aided engineering (CAE) and simulation software to ensure this seat is fully compliant with the latest 16G testing requirements (both virtually and physically).

The one piece moulded seat back and pan, with integrated armrests and support spine, significantly reduce the seat’s complexity and associated maintenance requirements. This kind of holistic design, only made possible with the use of advanced carbon fibre materials, has endowed the Vision 2030 Concept with a striking aesthetic which is both modern and composed and signals a new age in economy seat development.


Allowing carbon fibre to be used in these unique ways has been pivotal in our goal to reduce the part count across the seat whilst retaining strength, performance and ultra-low weight characteristics. Indeed, just 8 parts make up the whole seat assembly and the use of cutting edge composite processing technology ensures quality, repeatability and a greatly simplified assembly process.

A high performance approach permeates through Mirus, it is part of our DNA, and the uncompromised Vision 2030 Concept demonstrates the extent of this performance. The Vision 2030 Concept wears its F1 heritage on its sleeve, with legs more reminiscent with wishbones than conventional metallic structures and a sleek frame that looks like it has been styled with aerodynamics in mind. In truth, the elegance and simplicity of the seat’s form follows the singular vision of its function.

The concept is a symbol of our commitment to keeping ahead through constant innovation, pushing boundaries and our dedication to going further. The concept shows what is possible if we push things to the extreme. Whilst not intended for production, the spirit of the concept does live on in the production Hawk seat. The Hawk’s innovative carbon fibre seatback frame shares the same philosophies and properties as the Vision 2030 Concept, albeit tailored and packaged into a balanced product that meets the needs of operators today.

Note to editors:

Mirus Aircraft Seating is a young UK-based aircraft seating company that brings real and measured innovation to the industry. Introducing and applying technologies and best practices from Formula 1 and the automotive industry, Mirus is a high-performance business that is committed to delivering the most complete and competitive package on the market. Mirus’ mission is not only to deliver the best aircraft seats in the world, but also to ensure the best ownership experience. Mirus is committed to Going Further.