Press Release: Telair cargo loading installed on Norwegian 737 MAX 8

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Norwegian took delivery today of the first 737 MAX 8 aircraft equipped with the Telair Sliding Carpet Loading System® featuring state-of-the-art Edge™ technology.

“The most advanced model of the world’s most popular aircraft arrived with the most advanced model of the world’s most popular cargo loading system,” said Anders Helmner, CEO of Telair International AB. “Norwegian choosing to install The Sliding Carpet Edge System on their entire fleet of MAX aircraft speaks to the quality and benefits of the system.”

The Sliding Carpet System significantly speeds the loading and unloading of cargo, reducing on-ground turn times to about 20 minutes. It consists of a self-contained conveyor belt that runs the length of the aircraft cargo bay. A single onboard loader electrically drives a bulkhead attached to the belt to move cargo to and from the cargo door to load and unload the aircraft.


“We value our suppliers who develop technologies that drive down cost, increase performance and add value for our customers,” said Beth Anderson, vice president of Payloads and Systems, Boeing Supplier Management. “The Sliding Carpet System does that in an innovative way.”

The Edge System, based on highly engineered carbon fiber technology, also provides a 40 percent weight savings over previous Sliding Carpet models.  In addition, all Sliding Carpet Systems enhance loading ergonomics.

In addition to the 100 Edge Systems on order, Norwegian holds options for an additional 100 Edge Systems fitting the MAX.  The airline also ordered 25 Edge Systems for its Next-Generation 737-800 fleet.

Telair Edge system, angle view. Image: Telair

About TELAIR International

TELAIR International AB, located in Lund, Sweden, provides a wide selection of cargo handling systems to facilitate loading of non-containerized cargo compartments, primarily on narrow body aircraft. This ranges from the Sliding Carpet System to the RTT belt loader extension.