PR Story: SmartTray says its PED holders complement the way eyes work


This is a PR Story penned by SmartTray International. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of RGN. 

SmartTray International, LLC, a Scottsdale, Arizona, USA based company first unveiled its patented Personal Electronic Device (PED) friendly tray tables that facilitate hands-free use of electronic tablets and smartphones in ordinary vehicle food tray tables in August 2012. Since, SmartTray® has been deployed on two world renowned airlines, one in North America and one in Central America, and Princess Cruises trains in Alaska.

Although SmartTray holds patents to PED holders in vehicle seats and vehicle seat tray tables, SmartTray continues to recommend its tray table mounted PED holders to customers where the seat pitch is 30 inches and less, and for good reasons.

Have you ever wondered why we rub our eyes when watching a movie on a computer screen at close range for extended period of time? Or why we wind up with a headache and don’t know why? If you are curious, try this simple exercise.

Hold up your finger, or a business card at arm’s length, looking straight ahead. Then slowly bring your finger towards your nose with your eyes fixed on it. Notice the closer your finger comes to your eyes the more eyestrain you feel.

Viewing objects at close range forces our ciliary eye muscle to contract, muscle that controls the shape of our eye lens and focus. When ciliary eye muscle remains contracted for extended period, such as when watching a movie at close range, it can cause visual discomfort, blurred vision, and headaches. Focusing up close also reduces normal blink rate from 20 times per minute to as low as 7. When blinking stops, normal tear production stops, eye corneal surface dries out, and our vision becomes foggy.

Viewing experience is also influenced by viewing angle and correct eye to screen distance. OSHA minimum recommended eye to computer screen distance is 20 inches. At close range, vision is optimal at an angle of 30 degrees below horizon line of sight.

“SmartTray® tray table mounted PED holders exceed OSHA minimum recommended eye to screen distance even in high density seating configurations where eye fatigue is further amplified when the seat in front is fully reclined,” said Nick Pajic, the President & CEO of SmartTray International, LLC. “Correct eye-to-screen distance and viewing angle is therefore key in today’s highly competitive environment,” added Pajic.

“SmartTray complements the way our eyes work naturally,” said Jay Esty, Chief Operating Officer of SmartTray. “Swapping out traditional food tray tables with SmartTray tables is simple, fast, and cost effective. There is no aircraft downtime, or costly seat compliance testing inherent with shelf mounted PED holders,” added Esty.

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SmartTray® tray table mounted PED holders boast other advantages that enhance entertainment experience. Smartphones and tablets are always within arm’s reach, in full sight, and gripped firmly in SmartTray’s patented PED holders lowering the risk of becoming airborne in turbulence, or falling off tray tables accidentally. Digital screens at tray table level also provide more privacy than screens mounted in the headrests area where other passengers can see them.



SmartTray® International, LLC, SmartTray® Rail & Bus, LLC, and SmartTray® Automotive, LLC, work with companies around the globe to integrate and deploy SmartTray patented powered and nonpowered PED friendly tray tables for use in aerospace, rail, bus, automotive, and marine transportation. SmartTray mobile-device friendly tray tables facilitate hands-free use of portable electronic devices without taking up usable space on tray tables. SmartTray® tables provide enhanced ergonomics, better space management, and improved comfort and convenience over conventional tray tables. SmartTray® International, LLC, SmartTray® Rail & Bus, LLC, and SmartTray® Automotive, LLC, are privately owned. For more information, please visit:


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