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Press Release: GEE to supply EFB systems for SunExpress

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ:ENT) (“Global Eagle” or the “Company”) has signed a multi-year agreement separately with Güneş Ekspres Havacılık A.Ş. d.b.a. SunExpress (“SunExpress Turkey”) and SunExpress Deutschland GmbH (“SunExpress Germany”) (SunExpress Turkey and SunExpress Germany hereinafter referred as “SunExpress”) to supply its navAero electronic flight bag (EFB) systems across its fleet of commercial airliners (the “Services”).

SunExpress agreed with Global Eagle to obtain the Services including the automation of capturing, storing and transferring flight data for real-time access by pilots and operation managers.

Global Eagle will install its navAero EFB systems on a total of 70 737NG and A330 aircraft in the SunExpress Turkey and SunExpress Germany fleets, as well as new aircraft entering the fleet in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. The Global Eagle EFB solutions will provide instant access to critical flight data, such as flight path and weather conditions, in the cockpit and at the ground operations center. It will give the airline better visibility into the aircraft’s performance and its impact on maintenance, operations and efficiency.

The PMA-approved solution includes the mounting hardware, power and data for the EFB tablet computers in the cockpit. Real-time data connections with avionics will be provided by a new wireless version of the navAero Universal Aircraft Interface Device (UAIDv2). Virtual quick access recorder (vQAR) functionality is embedded and automated within the UAIDv2, creating a compact integrated package. Global Eagle will also provide engineering support and integration with existing onboard systems.

“SunExpress is the first fleet deployment of our new integrated UAIDv2 and vQAR solution,” said Simone Giordano, vice president of aviation connectivity at Global Eagle. “The data connectivity built into our EFB system will provide a pathway to implementation of advanced big data analytics capability in the future. In addition, the advanced EFB software and functions will allow pilots to view real-time data to understand the health of the aircraft under their command.”

“With Global Eagle’s EFB solution we will obtain a major improvement in reliability and efficiency to analyze our QAR data and enable us to run paperless cockpits, providing a major boost in efficiency and safety in flight operations,” said Serdar Cebeci, flight operations manager of SunExpress.

About Global Eagle

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ:ENT) is a leading provider of satellite-based connectivity and media to fast-growing, global mobility markets across air, land and sea. Supported by proprietary and best-in-class technologies, Global Eagle offers a fully integrated suite of rich media content and seamless connectivity solutions that cover the globe. With approximately 1,500 employees and 50 offices on six continents, Global Eagle delivers exceptional service and rapid support to a diverse base of customers around the world. Find out more at: www.globaleagle.com.

About SunExpress

SunExpress was established in Antalya, Turkey in October 1989 as the joint venture of two of the world’s leading airlines, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa. SunExpress, with its subsidiary SunExpress Deutschland based in Frankfurt, Germany operates both scheduled and charter flights and transports approximately eight million passengers per year. SunExpress current has a fleet of 67 aircraft and flies to more than 100 destinations in Turkey, Europe, the Red Sea area, the Canary Islands (Spain), Greece, Tunisia and Bulgaria. With over 3,800 personnel employed at our bases in Antalya (HQ), Izmir, Frankfurt, Istanbul and Ankara, SunExpress’ success can be attributed to its business model consisting of: international tourism, domestic Turkey and its wet-lease agreements.

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