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Press Release: Maria Iacobucci brings style to the aisle

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HIGHLINER, the newly launched Swiss company, will unveil its cutting edge new trolley at this year’s WTCE 2017 in Hamburg. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Maria R. Iacobucci has combined her generations of expertise to create trolleys which are unprecedented in the world of aviation services. HIGHLINER are pleased to announce the launch of their new innovative, light-weight, contemporary design and cost effective range of airline trolleys.

The new trolleys, which will only be revealed to industry and media, for the first time, during WTCE 2017, will meet the latest operational needs and introduce exciting new technical features, all combined with captivating modern styling. An exciting ‘first’ for the industry, which meet the European Airworthiness regulations ie :- EASA.

For over 25-years Emilio Iacobucci’s daughter, Maria, worked alongside her father, gleaning and building experience and know-how within the airline trolley and accessory sector. Before leaving the family company in 2009, Maria concluded contracts for the supply of trolleys with Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Air France, Eva Air, SAS, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, American Airlines and others.

Now, with 30 years of experience under her belt, 2017 sees Maria R Iacobucci launch the new company HIGHLINER, bringing with it a wave of innovative and pioneering trolley designs, which are set to change the face of this sector.

“It has been my ambition, since I moved to Switzerland 4 years ago, to design a trolley that offers airlines a revolutionary new standard of trolley, very different from those in service today. Collaborating with Factorydesign and SWS Certification Services, who I consider to be the best in the market, has helped me turn this ambition into a reality Together we are an enthusiastic and passionate team with extensive experience in the  aviation business,” Maria says.

What Makes HIGHLINER different ?

Producing trolleys in Italy, the strength of the HIGHLINER brand lies in the four-part fusion of design, engineering, customization capabilities and attention to detail of their products. Other distinctive features include the use of very light materials and efficient manufacture methods. A highly qualified design and manufacture team means that HIGHLINER can either meet individual customer specifications, or deliver the existing Atlas, Kssu, Ace standard measures which meet the European Airworthiness regulations.

The Problem :

Currently, trolleys are built as unappealing back-of-house catering equipment, yet they are the main focus of all customer facing activity on a plane. Airlines disguise their industrial look by fitting doors in the galleys to give more of a ‘boutique hotel’ appearance by hiding away old fashioned looking trolleys. This merely adds precious weight, making them bulkier and more complex, whilst passengers often complain about noise levels during opening and closing.

The HIGHLINER Solution :

HIGHLINER believe that the aesthetic design of an airline trolley should fuse in harmony with cabin interiors and are working towards bringing style to the aisle. The trolleys need a stylish face when viewed as a group of loaded carts, so that they appear smarter than a collection of highly-engineered locks and hinges. With a careful and considered design approach, the new trolleys from Highliner have achieved this vision.

HIGHLINER aim to put trolleys into the spotlight of the cabin theatre, working simultaneously with the cabin lighting and adding benefit to trolleys by giving them illuminated parts. Historically analogue trolleys will also become digital and intelligent. An array of technology will be embedded to help with stock and temperature control, whilst also monitoring security on trolleys.

The future of aviation trolleys is very exciting, with the first innovative step being unveiled by HIGHLINER at WTCE, Hamburg in April, Hall A1, Stand 1G50. Be there to experience the HIGHLINER revolution.

Featured image credited to istock.com/JakeOlimb