Press Release: Still sealed? LHT adopts mobile vacuum procedure

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Lufthansa Technik AG has developed a mobile procedure in the framework of its research and development activities that allows even the smallest leaks at doors and windows in the aircraft cabin to be located. The Vacuum Leak Check allows in-flight pressure differences of an aircraft to be simulated on the ground without any significant effort. The new procedure will replace the existing time-consuming process of activating the cabin pressurization system.

smartsky press releasesThe windows and doors to be examined are closed during the Vacuum Leak Check and covered from the outside by a special textile fiber as well as an airtight latex film with hose fittings. Air is then pumped out from between the latex film and the fuselage to create a vacuum. Even the smallest leaks can now be localized precisely in the interior of the cabin by means of a leak detector.

“The new vacuum procedure excludes the possibility of other error sources and reduces process times significantly. The ground times of the respective aircraft are consequently also shortened. Moreover, less working time is needed and therefore costs reduced as only two instead of four employees are required to carry out the work,” says Stefan Mehler, Innovation Project Manager for Aircraft Maintenance at Lufthansa Technik.

The test equipment can be stowed in a practical toolbox so that the Vacuum Leak Check can be used flexibly anywhere for selective identification and resolution of errors.