#PaxEx TV: Dismantling jets and Brexit threat


With more than 30,000 new passenger and freighter aircraft set for production between now and 2034, it’s more important than ever to think about the environmental impact of the air transport industry.

For this episode of #PaxEx TV, we wanted to find out more about what happens to airliners once their flying days are over. We collected some keen insights and great footage during an insider tour of Air Salvage International, a UK-based end-of-life service provider handing roughly 14% of the global aircraft disassembly market. With more than 620 projects completed worldwide, Air Salvage International is considered a leader in its field, supporting development of environmental standards and advanced research into composite material recycling.

We also discuss Norwegian Air International’s ongoing battle to offer true low-fare flights between North America and Europe, and gauge the industry’s temperature on the UK’s upcoming Brexit referendum.