#PaxEx TV: Flying small for free parking and no TSA hassles


Episode 10 of our monthly aviation web series #PaxEx TV is all about the little guy. This month, our host and RGN founder Mary Kirby visits Lancaster Airport, a small regional airport nestled in the heart of the Pennsylvania countryside. She meets with the airport’s director and a tenacious airline called Southern Airways Express, learning that even in the post-consolidation US airline world – where major carriers like American, Delta, United and Southwest dominate the market – small operators see an opportunity to carve out a niche in underserved markets.

Subsidized under the DOT’s Essential Air Service (EAS) program, service at Lancaster means free parking and no TSA hassles. The EAS program is not without its critics; some believe the investment per passenger journey is too high, especially on poorly patronized flights. But that hasn’t stopped scrappy carriers from seeking to drive a renaissance in the space, as you’ll see below.

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