#PaxEx TV: Hoverboards prove too hot to handle for some airlines


In this installment of #PaxEx TV, we take a moment to consider the very real implications of global violence on our freedom and willingness to travel abroad. Could terrorism and firearm mortality rates ultimately impact aviation directly?

Also in this month’s episode, the lithium battery debate ‘heats up’ as the holidays draw near and one of the hottest gifts of the season, the Hoverboard, finds itself on the No-Fly list.

Plus, a new app teaches us a safer way to brace in the event of an emergency landing, and RGN roaming reporter Seth Miller checks out United Airlines’ re-vamped passenger experience (#PaxEx) at Newark Liberty International.



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  1. Glen

    I don’t want much from my airline a great seat pitch and a flight which takes off on time. Which United seem to have so much difficulty doing. I am really not interested in fine dinning as I sure they will charge a lot of money I don’t fly enough in the US to earn air miles