#PaxEx TV: Don’t hesitate. Leave your bags and evacuate!


On this episode of #PaxEx TV, Runway Girl Network takes the studio airborne on Gogo’s Boeing 737-500 test plane. While on board we talk about the alarming and dangerous trend of passengers grabbing their carry-on luggage before deplaning in emergency evacuations, and how the UK Civil Aviation Authority is seeking to build awareness among passengers to leave their bags behind.

We also test the long-awaited Gogo nextgen 2Ku inflight connectivity system on the 737; it has already been fitted to an Aeromexico 737 and Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 and is expected to enter revenue service before year-end. Gogo explains how the service will be beneficial to pilots and will improve airline operations, in addition to providing a better passenger experience (#PaxEx).

Last but not least, we travel to Helsinki to meet over 100 young “hackers” working round-the-clock to improve #PaxEx.