VIDEO: JetBlue’s new live TV system represents evolutionary step


JetBlue did not invent inflight entertainment, but some say the carrier redefined what it meant to passengers after it launched operations in 2000. JetBlue has become widely known as the airline that offers the free live TV, but its IFE system has grown tired over the years. Finally, the airline has launched its new LiveTV LTV4 platform, initially available on the Airbus A321.

While the system is far from revolutionary, it is an evolutionary step for the New York-based airline. The new, larger screens are quite attractive. In fact, they may be too attractive, as passengers’ first instinct will be to touch them. Unfortunately, there is no touch control offered just yet. JetBlue hopes to roll out this feature in the future, but it isn’t ready.

The DirecTV offering has ballooned from around 30 channels to over 100, greatly expanding on the content offered to passengers. Augmenting this entertainment are various movies. However, JetBlue has decided to stick with looping video channels for the time being, rather than upgrade to on-demand functionality, which is a pretty big disappointment. Other functionality such as XM Radio has returned with the LTV4 system, along with the rather old style moving map.

Overall, the new IFE offering from JetBlue is nice, but it isn’t anything passengers will be going out of their way to book. Additional live TV channels are also a plus, but good luck finding something to watch on that red eye flight. Check out my full video review of LTV4 below.