PED stowage solution created for high pocket seats


Inflight entertainment specialist SkyCast is charging hard to bring a ‘high pocket’ version of its TabCaddy product to the retrofit market.

The product will accommodate seats with high placed literature pockets and “T-Bars” across the back, and not surprisingly, will debut on the Recaro BL3520 seat.

The company says the “primary selling points” about the product are that it accommodates all sizes of smart phones and tablets – and those in cases; holds tablets securely with a security strap; has multiple viewing angles to accommodate for pitch and recline and frees the entire tray for food and beverage.

The unit is also “low-cost”, easy to install and requires no change of seats, and gives airlines a new revenue stream for branding or advertising. It works for both passengers’ own PEDs and for airlines with supplied tablets

Of course, since RGN is tracking the story about PED batteries being crushed in seats, we’re also curious if “stowage-for-safety-purposes” might ultimately prove to be TabCaddy’s biggest selling point.

SkyCast will have working pre-production units on display next week at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. TabCaddy has received “extremely high interest among those carriers that have seen the product” and could be flying as soon as this summer, says company president Greg Latimer.

We’re curious if TabCaddy can withstand the wear and tear it will endure on narrowbody workhorses. This needs to be sturdy. And as we know, airlines hate additional parts and maintenance to worry about.

“This would definitely be able to be installed on an overnight,” says Latimer. “It is is an all-aluminum part designed and built to be long-lasting and withstand the ‘interesting’ rigors that passengers put on products. The unit is easily replaced in case of breakage, however (just a few screws). In terms of safety, when used with the security strap, one’s tablet is secured on the unit so it won’t go flying in case of turbulence. The TabCaddy is only used after 10,000 feet so there are no critical phase of flight issues.”

Note: While the images below do not show advertising, the holes on the side arms of the TabCaddy are designed to take plastic advertising/branding buttons that can be easily changed out by the airline or ad company.

TC 3520 Pax View TC 3520 Downward View