No sight of 11-abreast Airbus A380 mock-up at AIX


So, just how crowded is an 11-abreast layout on the Airbus A380? Alas, we still don’t really know. The manufacturer had promised it would have a life-size demo of the proposed configuration available at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this week but the mock-up is nowhere to be seen.

When pressed on the topic a spokesman indicated that “certain components were not received in time” so they were unable to get the kit on to the show floor.

Airbus claims it can provide a comfortable 3-5-3 layout on board its super-jumbo in part by raising the floor of the main deck a couple inches. This increases the width at the armrest and shoulder levels for passengers, though puts the windows a bit lower and makes the overhead height also a bit tighter.

The airframer also continues to remind the public that there is no specific timeline or roadmap for delivering an aircraft in such a layout; it simply anticipating potential customer demand and ensuring that they can deliver should some airline come asking.

As previously reported on Runway Girl Network, aircraft lessor Amedeo says it “pushed Airbus very hard to get 11-abreast introduced, [which adds] 35 to 40 extra seats, and it puts in perspective the unit cost issue”.

Picture above courtesy of Flightglobal, which credits Airbus.