Could Airbus get Cozy?


Okay, this should be filed *purely* in the rumor category but today a deeply embedded aviation industry executive  (with no stake in Thompson Aero Seating) suggested that Airbus is eyeing the Thompson Cozy Suite to create the much discussed 11-abreast Airbus A380.

You might recall that Delta gave the Cozy Suite some consideration a number of years ago and nothing ever happened. But perhaps its time has come. The seat width of Cozy is 17.8 inches, just shy of the 18-inch standard that Airbus is proposing.

Interestingly, Thompson is displaying Cozy on its stand at the Aircraft Interiors Expo…yes still!

When we talked to Airbus yesterday about its broader plans for the A380 interior, the airframer said simply it is eyeing a number of different options.