VIDEO: Lufthansa brings Taste of America aboard


Many of Lufthansa’s passengers are ‘foodies’. That’s why the carrier works hard to put restaurant quality food on its aircraft. But to tempt the palates of the most exacting passengers flying Lufthansa gateways throughout the US, the carrier collaborated with its catering giant LSG Sky Chefs to deliver a ‘Taste of America’ program, which will be served in First and Business class in May.

Four distinct dining experiences will celebrate the gastronomic styles of the West (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle); Central US (Dallas, Denver, Houston); Southeast/Mid-Atlantic (Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, Washington, DC); and Northeast/Midwest (Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Newark, Philadelphia) regions.

Since the selections are specific to the corresponding region, Lufthansa says it is able to use locally sourced ingredients for a truly authentic, homegrown experience. Among the offerings:

  • From the West, Cioppino, a seafood ragout with tomato and saffron known to every connoisseur on the Pacific Coast;
  • Passengers flying from Midsouth gateways to Germany can look forward to a smoked, grilled fillet of beef with spicy chili sauce;
  • Italian influences are reflected in menu items served from Northeast and Midwest gateways, such as fresh pastas stuffed with artichokes;
  • Traditional seafood “cartoccio” will be served on flights departing from the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic

Grant Mickels, executive chef of culinary development, LSG Sky Chefs, says, “For the ‘Taste of America’ program, the team, led by the LSG Sky Chefs USA experts, considered more than 1,000 menu ideas, adapting the final menu selections accordingly to make the product the star.

Mickels explains his work in the compelling video below: