VIDEO: What bird strike testing looks like


Here at Runway Girl Network we’re always on the lookout for good bird strike testing videos. Call it a sickness if you will, but this sort of testing is crucial to passenger safety (and, it is playing a big role in the equipage on aircraft of satellite-supported inflight connectivity because antenna radomes must be bird strike tested!)

That’s why we’d like to highlight this video from Innoviator Flight Science, a company that describes itself as “a cross-functional team of aviation experts providing responsive solutions to aviation’s toughest problems”. Providing engineering and certification services, Innoviator says it can lead a turnkey STC project or provide rapid repair support to industry stakeholders.

The test shown below “was in support of installing a SAAB Civil Aircraft Missile Protection system ‘CAMPS’ on a VVIP Boeing 737-800. Innoviator was the turn-key project integrator”, says Innoviator structural & DTA DER Steve Marsan.

One thing is certain, Innoviator knows how to pick a music score for a bird strike video (that’s a 4-pound chicken, by the way). “You can really appreciate the potential damage,” notes fellow runway girl Marisa Garcia on viewing the video below.  Read our exclusive report about the FAA’s latest guidance for bird strike of antenna radomes on RGN Premium