Untangle the knots at FTE Global 2014 in Las Vegas


Runway Girl Network has partnered with Future Travel Experience to deliver a powerful new workshop featuring #PaxEx leaders at the FTE Global 2014 conference in Las Vegas.

The ‘Cabin Integration Symposium’, which will be held on 24 September, will be moderated by Runway Girl Network founder and editor Mary Kirby, and will take a deep dive exploration into the future of inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) and aircraft interiors.

Aircraft seat manufacturers and IFE suppliers are working more closely together than ever before in history. Driving this newfound collaboration is the success of integrated IFE/seats that employ industrial design to seamlessly blend form and function, and which have been embraced by airlines and passengers alike. But the process of integrating IFE and seats is not without its challenges. New FAA guidelines that require seat makers to manage IFE data from very early in the integration process has added complexity and cost to the equation for both sides, and created additional hurdles for start-ups to overcome.

In parallel, other forms of integration are being pursued in the cabin, namely the more complete integration of IFE and connectivity to create platforms that promise to capture the imaginations of passengers, while improving airlines’ ancillary revenue streams. But will bandwidth limitations, Hollywood’s content security concerns, and insufficient in-seat power, prevent airlines from truly monetizing new IFEC platforms, be they embedded, portable or wireless, and/or positioned in new in-seat personal electronic device (PED) racks and displays?

This intense symposium will cut through the marketing jargon and news hype to discover exactly how airframers, airlines, interiors firms, IFE specialists and connectivity players are exploring ways to more efficiently work together and drive innovation in the cabin to keep pace with consumer trends and appetites.

Participants will walk away from this event assured that they are up-to-speed on where the market stands, how it is evolving, and what they need to consider as they endeavor to create a future travel experience for passengers onboard.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can register to attend the Cabin Integration Symposium as well as the FTE ‘Up in the Air’ conference at FTE Global 2014.