Exclusive: Zodiac to introduce new widebody cabin


Zodiac Aerospace is working to bring its ‘ISIS’ cabin methodology to widebody aircraft, which will allow airlines to carry much more carry-on luggage in overhead bins than in the past,  Runway Girl Network can reveal.

ISIS, which stands for Innovative Space Interior System, was the original moniker for Zodiac’s new Airbus A320 interior, but as reported yesterday, it now also refers to Zodiac’s ‘Project Amber’ interior for the Boeing 737 and 757. And ISIS describes how Zodiac is addressing the widebody market as well, reveals Scott Savian, EVP ZEO, the Design & Innovation Studio of Zodiac Aerospace.

ISIS is “really the approach we’re taking now for aircraft”, says Savian. “Unlike in the past, where specifications were written for individual components and products, ISIS is that whole cabin that works together.”

We won’t have to wait long before we can see Zodiac’s ISIS interior concept for widebodies, as Zodiac plans to have “a pretty amazing demonstration” at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg “on taking ISIS to widebodies”, reveals Savian. The concept is generic in terms of aircraft type, but obviously Zodiac has “some widebodies in mind with it”.

“It’s really to show the technology of how these components can work together – lavs and galleys and monuments and seats – and providing a more harmonious passenger experience,” adds Savian.

Perhaps the concept will give Boeing some food for thought as it develops its 777X interior, ahem.

Zodiac first revealed ISIS – for the A320 – two years ago at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. Last year the company went a step further when it “combined it with lavatories and galleys and a whole bunch of space-saving projects” for the Expo, notes Savian. Then, late last year, Zodiac quietly released a video about ISIS, describing in some detail how ISIS dramatically reduces parts while adding seats.

To date, Zodiac has secured a number of significant airline customers for ISIS for various aircraft types, though it has not divulged the names of its customers yet. The company has also lined up contracts for a substantial number of ‘ISIS Modular Lavatory’ space-saving lavs and  – in some instances – these deals include the broader ISIS Aft Complex, which is the integration of the galley, the flight attendant’s seat and two modular lavatories, also shown in this video.

ISIS Aft Complex is similar to Airbus’ Space-Flex concept in that it has two lavs and a galley in the aft of the aircraft. “The smart integration of the lavs, flight attendant seat and galley make it a different product, however,” says Savian.

The ISIS Modular Lavatory, in standalone form, is also proving to be a hot product for the manufacturer, as it enables airlines to add more seats to their aircraft (B/E Aerospace has a competing product that debuted on Delta Air Lines’ Boeing 737-900ER). The Zodiac modular lavatory represents “a fairly straightforward change”, notes Savian, but one that is appreciated by customers. “We are going to great lengths to improve the passenger space while still adding the seats the airlines need.”

Both the modular lavatory and the Aft Complex have been short-listed for Crystal Cabin Awards.