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Press Release: Lufthansa Systems introduces AI-powered ops assistant


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueLufthansa Systems announced that it offers a new cutting-edge AI-powered operations control assistant for the airline industry. NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC is a web-based AI assistant that supports airline operations controllers in increasing the stability and efficiency of daily operations. The solution is already in use and jointly optimized with first customers.

“AI is the next step in the technological evolution. So, early adoption is crucial for airlines,” said Jan-Peter Gaense, Head of NetLine solutions at Lufthansa Systems. “But we see that besides technical proficiency the key factor for successful AI support is the user’s trust. Our smart assistant supports operations controllers in their challenging work, not replacing them.”

Operations controllers make numerous complex decisions every day. They react to unforeseen events like weather or strikes to minimize their impact as such disruptions can cause high costs for the airline. The operations controller has to analyze several information sources within minutes to find the best solution. That becomes more challenging, especially during peak times with a high risk of disruption.

This is exactly where NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC comes into play: The system analyzes historical data and monitors all events around aircraft, rotation, passengers, and crews simultaneously to identify delay risks ahead of time. Then, it generates concrete recommendations on how to improve operations in real-time, which is critical in this working environment. To enable the user to make an informed decision, the system provides additional information regarding the impact of the proposed solution on the overall resilience, the buffer and the propagated delay. The smart assistant focuses on recommendations, the decision itself always remains with the operations controller.

NetLine/Ops ++ is Lufthansa Systems’ next-generation operation control system. By collecting and evaluating a wide range of data such as critical weather conditions or technical aircraft limitations, NetLine/Ops ++ alerts the operations controllers about potentially critical situations so they can quickly initiate measures to prevent and resolve disruptions.


NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC is based on Reinforcement Learning. This cutting-edge machine learning methodology is used to extract cause and effect from data and provide data-driven decision support. “Our AI agent learns to act optimally regarding a given goal. It is not predictive but prescriptive, meaning that it doesn’t tell the operations controller what will happen, but it shows what to do to reach the set goal,” explained László Kovács, Product Owner NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC at Lufthansa Systems.

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About Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems GmbH is a leading airline IT provider determined to shape the future of digital aviation. It draws its unique strengths from its ability to combine profound industry know-how with forward-looking technological expertise and has lived by its slogan “We’re into IT” for more than 25 years. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, the company offers its more than 350 customers an extensive range of successful IT products and services for the aviation industry, many of which are market leaders. Lufthansa Systems’ pioneering portfolio covers all of an airline’s business processes – in the flight deck, in the cabin and on the ground. As a tech company and airline IT provider, Lufthansa Systems is committed to identifying its own environmental footprint and improving that of its airline customers across the globe. Headquartered in Raunheim near Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Lufthansa Systems employs around 2,800 people at its locations in 16 countries.

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