AERQ video screens are displayed above an arena full of people. Digital Rendering. partnering with Inadvia Image: AERQ

Press Release: AERQ and Inadvia bring digital advertising to the cabin


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueAERQ, a provider for digital cabin solutions, and Inadvia, the world’s leading in-transit digital advertising trading platform, announce their collaboration to build a truly digital first inflight advertising supply chain. This will provide airlines with the right tools to increase advertising yield and volume through data-driven solutions, simplify the execution of campaigns, and make the inventory available within multiple advertising marketplaces.

Inadvia’s digital advertising platform provides the connection to a range of advertising demand sources, from trading platforms that enable advertisers to bid on airline advertising inventory to self-serving platforms. It also provides the ability to directly manage campaigns in-house and to measure, optimise and report on these campaigns which enhances revenues even further. AERENA, AERQ’s cloud-based and modular open IT platform, provides a recommendation and targeting engine that enables airlines and advertisers to target ads to the right passengers and thereby enhance the passenger experience significantly.

“With AERQ’s advanced platform and innovative system management we have the freedom of being unburdened by legacy systems. That allows us to build and deploy digital advertising tools that unlock the substantial revenue potential that exists and deliver inflight advertising like never before”, said Matthew Blay, co-founder at Inadvia.

“In Inadvia we have found a partner to implement relevant advertising supply chain workflows and the corresponding technology. We gain access to digital advertising expertise that maximises the potential of our AERENA platform to open new revenue opportunities for airlines and selected partners”, said Arnd Kikker, Co-Managing Director at AERQ.


About Inadvia

Founded in 2016 in London, United Kingdom, Inadvia is an inflight digital advertising specialist, focused on unlocking the advertising revenue opportunity for IFEC vendors and their airline partners. Inadvia provides consultancy services, advertising technology enterprise solutions and advertising demand activation via patent-pending technology.

About AERQ

AERQ is a joint venture between LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik. It was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. With its roots in consumer electronics and aviation it uses the extensive knowledge from both parent companies to develop digital solutions for aircraft cabins. AERQ takes the digital transformation of aircraft cabins to a new level by turning them into spaces for new ideas and business development. Introducing AERENA – the platform for digital engagement, empowerment, and intelligence. Creating revenue, savings and growth through an open IT platform enabled by an inseat system and Cabin Digital Signage. AERENA connects airlines, passengers and selected third party partners to kickstart a new global economy in the sky.

Featured image credited to AERQ