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Press Release: Veovo and OneAlpha partner to optimise airport slots

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueVeovo has formed a global strategic partnership with OneAlpha, an airport slot management and capacity planning company, giving operators the ability to streamline the slot approval process while maximising the use of runway, apron and terminal capacity and resources.  

The integration of OneAlpha’s tools with Veovo’s AODB and Resource Management System removes system and communication barriers between airlines and airport slot and planning teams for faster, more accurate decision-making in dynamic-operating environments.  

The partnership supports OneAlpha’s vision to share its platform with the world’s best airports. Several of Veovo’s 120+ customers are already benefiting from the alliance.  

OneAlpha’s cloud-based slot management tool automates the slot request-to-approval process from one central tool, checking requests against runway, apron and terminal capacity and saving time for slot coordinators and airport management. Once the slot is confirmed, the integration with Veovo’s powerful resource management tool enables a seamless handover to strategic planners to optimise resource planning in and outside the terminal, including stands, gates, counters, and baggage belts. Future, and often last minute, schedule change requests can also be quickly evaluated and automatically integrated into the tactical planning horizon, freeing up experts to focus only on the most complex scenarios. 


Carl Jones, CEO of OneAlpha, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Veovo to make it even easier for airports to access our next-generation slot coordination and airport capacity technology through Veovo’s software portfolio. By bringing our tools together, we can offer operators and their partners greater confidence and reliability in their planning by ensuring schedule demands always match capacity for smoother planning and operations.”

The partnership offers the additional benefits of supporting long-term planning and regulatory reporting. OneAlpha’s tool allows operators to forecast the impact of infrastructure improvement or maintenance works on capacity, enhancing operational and commercial decision-making. And, with resource usage data from Veovo’s RMS fed back into the slot planning process, airports can simplify regulatory reporting and fine-tune future slot allocations – in a continual improvement cycle. 

James Williamson, CEO of Veovo, added: “At Veovo, we continue to seek smarter ways to use new technologies and collaborate with partners with the goal of making airport operations more efficient. The strategic partnership with OneAlpha is an important step forward in removing many manual airport processes to facilitate better, faster operational decision-making across all time horizons, from slot management and capacity planning to the day of operations.”    

About Veovo:  

Veovo’s Intelligent Airport Platform is a new-generation total airport management system relied on by leading operators worldwide, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Sydney, Orlando, and Amsterdam Schiphol. Software applications are available as stand-alone modules or integrated components and include Flight Management and AODB, Resource Management, FIDS, Revenue Management, Passenger Flow, Queue Management and Forecasting. Together, these deliver the insights, AI-powered recommendations and automation needed to transform airport performance. 

About OneAlpha:

OneAlpha is a cloud-based slot coordination and airport capacity management software platform, the result of extensive aviation experience with software development expertise. Used by airports and coordinators across the globe, OneAlpha is committed to providing comprehensive airport and coordination insights in an intuitive and user-friendly format. 

Featured image credited to Veovo