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Press Release: Seamless members share vision of flexible IFC

Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueThe Seamless Air Alliance, which continues to lead the development and implementation of Global Standards for Inflight Connectivity, today announced details behind the Working Group that is putting into action the vision to deliver flexible connectivity systems to airlines.

With the participation of experts from across the industry, and led by co-chairs from Airbus and Boeing, this Working Group is leading the definition of new interoperability requirements for line-fit systems. The scope of this work item includes inflight connectivity, Aircraft Interface Device (AID) capability, and operational/administrative data including Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), aircraft health monitoring and more.

Arnaud Mestrallet, End to End Connectivity Architect, Airbus Commercial said, “The goal is to simplify the aircraft installation with flexible satcom interfaces and also thanks to an industry standard approach to facilitate future Satcom upgrades. This will enable airlines to always deliver an up-to-date connectivity experience to their passengers.”

Bryan Wiltse, Cabin Systems and Feature Strategy, The Boeing Company said, “The program covers requirements for physical architecture and logical interfaces and ultimately delivers a more flexible system to the airline.”


Commenting on the Working Group, Jack Mandala, Seamless Air Alliance Chief Executive Officer said, “Achieving these goals required more than the resources of a single company. Together with experts from leading companies worldwide we are laying the groundwork for airlines to continue to deliver the latest and greatest inflight connectivity services to their passengers.”

The next Seamless Air Alliance Members Meeting is taking place on October 24, 2022, in Long Beach, CA. Seamless Air Alliance specifications are contribution-driven by member companies. The Alliance welcomes additional industry leaders to join as members and gain access to the IFC Performance Toolkit and other Seamless Air Alliance standards. 

About Seamless Air Alliance

The Seamless Air Alliance (SAA) was founded by Airbus, Delta, OneWeb, Sprint and Airtel and now includes the biggest names in technology, communications, and aerospace from around the world. SAA produced the world’s first inflight connectivity standard and is empowering a marketplace of inflight connectivity technology and service providers. Together we are enabling innovative, high-performance, and affordable inflight connectivity services. To learn more please visit www.SeamlessAlliance.com

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