Image of the FlightPath3D moving map on an iPad

Press Release: FlightPath3D reaches 4,000 installations worldwide


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueFlightPath3D, the leader in moving map technology, announces it has successfully implemented its 3D map on more than 4,000 aircraft worldwide, up from 3,000 installations last year. The company has its sights set on 5,000 in the near future.  

FlightPath3D attributes this success to building a smarter way for passengers to connect with their journey and airline destinations. Passengers have the ability to interact with routes and be immersed in destinations based on their personal interests — all integrated within a map. The experience is: 

  • Immersive – you feel what it’s like to walk on the beach or look out the cockpit window like a pilot
  • Personal – you view content based on interests such as nature, architecture or instagrammable hot spots
  • Savable and Shareable – you can build your own itinerary and share it

“Through our research we have found that a passenger-centric approach is what is fueling growth in the travel industry. The demand for eye-catching, immersive content available on all platforms has never been greater,” says FlightPath3D President Duncan Jackson. “We have responded by creating an experience for the traveler that will excite the passenger and provide valuable data to our partners.” 

Three mobile devices are showing different aspects of the FlightPath3D moving map

Airlines have multiple options to drive revenue by integrating advertisers throughout the map experience. Display rich media and content that aligns with advertisers’ desires to tell their story to passengers. Through the actions, searches, and map interaction of passengers, airlines are provided with the knowledge of what interests their passengers most about a location and what future destinations excite them for loyalty and strategic planning. 


About FlightPath3D  

The Airline Industry’s #1 Map Provider. Run your map with the map software experts building software that’s integrated with ALL the leading IFE vendors. (Did this ever get changed?) Any Device. Any Platform. Fast set-up. Integrated. Personalized. Selected by more than 70 airlines in just 7 years.  

FlightPath3D has designed the most compelling and innovative interactive travel solution for both passengers and airlines. With augmented views and relevant flight information, the inflight journey is captivating. A smart, immersive travel guide and route map enables passengers to explore in-destination experiences and inspires them to discover places to visit and research flights. Through their actions, searches, and map interactions, passengers provide airlines and airports with the knowledge of what interests them most about a location and what future destinations excite them for loyalty and strategic planning.  

Betria Interactive LLC (dba FlightPath3D) has the industry’s largest specialized map team providing customized map software, application development, and maintenance.

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