A man is looking at his mobile device while also interacting with FlightPath3D maps on the China Airlines' seatback IFE

Press Release: China Airlines deploying FlightPath3D fleet-wide

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueFlightPath3D, the global leader in moving map innovation and technology, announces today that China Airlines has deployed the first, full, 3D second screen moving map — available via passengers’ Wi-Fi-enabled personal electronic devices — on its A321neo inflight entertainment (IFE) system powered by Safran, using FlightPath 3D’s “any device, any platform” technology. 

China Airlines is working towards integrating a single map experience across all its platforms. China Airlines joins Air France, ANA, and Kuwait by offering passengers a consistent experience on its A321neo, A330-300 and B737-800 IFE with FlightPath3D’s technology. 

A man and woman are looking at his mobile device while also interacting with FlightPath 3D maps on the China Airlines' seatback IFE

In addition to the interactive moving map experience, FlightPath3D also offers a range of apps to create a seamless passenger experience. One of the most engaging is the whimsical kids map that lets children discover animals, oceans, countries, and other landmarks around their destination. The moving map and kids map are available in 3D, and can be added to an airline’s suite of IFE offerings to give travelers a totally immersive experience. 

Asian mother and child are interacting with FlightPath3D on the seatback entertainment for China Airlines

“China Airlines recognizes the second-screen experience is essential to captivate passengers and keep them engaged throughout their travel experience. Having a full, 3D map in your hand while watching a movie on your seatback is a game-changer for the passenger, and opens the doorway for innovative opportunities for the airline to reach its customers,” says FlightPath3D President Duncan Jackson. 

“We’re excited to have the most advanced 3D map available on our seatback and mobile devices simultaneously on our A321neo,” says China Airlines VP, Corporate Development Office, Jeremy Chang. “FlightPath 3D’s engaging moving map technology on our second screen, plus the flexibility to add the kids app on our IFE, shows FlightPath3D’s ability to work with us to drive our initiatives of providing the best inflight experience for all passengers.” 

“Our ‘any device’ approach makes it possible to track and search flights, plan things to do, and drive revenue on any or all IFE platforms,” says Jackson. 


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All images credited to China Airlines