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Press Release: RiM, e-MM create digital magazine for Eurowings Discover

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueIn late 2020, Retail inMotion (RiM) announced an exclusive partnership with technology led interactive digital magazine publisher e-Mersion Media (e-MM) that would focus on expanding the provision of digital content into the international airline and rail markets. Together with e-MM and Eurowings Discover, the new leisure airline of the Lufthansa Group, RiM is thrilled to bring fully digital and immersive magazines to the skies.

The pandemic has redefined the way airlines communicate with passengers, who expect a safe and efficient interaction, as well as great virtual experiences. RiM welcomes the opportunity to partner with e-MM to help airlines stay engaged and connected with their passengers via an immersive mobile communications platform and generate revenue via untapped channels in the magazine industry.

Offering passengers an interactive digital magazine during COVID-19 and beyond means a safer way to enjoy the on-board offering while reducing weight and logistics associated with print and significantly improve the overall customer experience.

As personalisation is becoming more important than ever in the airline industry, this game changing alternative  ensures that airlines are offering the right products to the right people at the right time by amassing significant knowledge about passengers’ preferences and behaviours. Furthermore, the new platform enables airline advertisers to gain both value and profit directly from their adverts as a result of tracked reader analytics and interaction with the ads as well as direct from page e-commerce capability.

Through this partnership, Eurowings Discover becomes the first airline to have a fully interactive digital and immersive magazine on board. The magazine invites the passenger to fully interact with content and explore additional product and brand information via videos, slide galleries, and further features, with no limits to page size or number.

“Our goal has always been to upgrade the passenger experience and provide them with a more flexible and custom built retail offer – our partnership with e-MM allows us to deliver on that promise,” said Olivia Trenczek, Head of Global Business Development at Retail inMotion. “By offering a fully digital and immersive magazine on-board, we are further enhancing the entire passenger journey and opening up new revenue opportunities for airlines, brand partners and advertisers.”

“We are delighted to be able to partner with Eurowings Discover to offer their passengers this ‘first in market’ tech innovation that significantly enhances the passenger experience from the time they receive their confirmation of booking right through to their journey onboard,” said Christopher Styring, Executive Director Commercial at e-Mersion Media “The fully interactive features of the digital magazine ensures that tangible benefits are delivered to passengers, advertisers and Eurowings Discover simultaneously.” Click on this link for a video about the fully digital magazine.


About Retail inMotion 

Retail inMotion is an on-board retail and technology expert for the travel industry. Its culture of collaboration  and innovation continues to help it steadily strengthen its position in the global on-board retail industry. Retail  inMotion offers proprietary products, solutions and services in technology, crew engagement, product  development, and fully outsourced on-board retail services.

Retail inMotion is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LSG Group. In 2019, the companies belonging to the LSG  Group achieved consolidated revenues of EUR 3.4 billion.

About e-Mersion Media 

e-mersion.media (e-Mersion Media Pty Ltd) has pioneered ground-breaking magazine digitisation solutions  using technology to enhance content and build engagement. Its bespoke platforms provide advertising  opportunities complete with end-to-end usage, engagement tracking and user data analytics.

Within the context of the aviation and travel sector, e-Mersion Media provides an interactive and immersive digital solution for airlines and rail services to economically and efficiently manage the on-board experience.  Remote delivery of services including to the passenger’s device are inflight entertainment (IFE), inflight  magazine, on-board duty free with shop directly from seat, food and beverage direct from seat ordering and  payment, safety and security information and fully interactive advertising.

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