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Press Release: WE by West platform for airlines offers AI functionality

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueWest Entertainment, LLC (West), specialist in-flight entertainment content service provider, has announced today the new AI functionality of its already innovative platform WE by West, following the partnership with Qloo, the world’s leading cultural AI company.

WE by West, West’s workflow engine, is a central platform offered to airline clients and key partners, where stakeholders can inform and manage all tasks due and accomplished, increasing efficiency while providing visibility and transparency on all steps of the process.

Users can search content availabilities, watch trailers, read reviews and select the content from their phone, laptop or tablet, as well as track orders and access financials and reports for each programming cycle.


Following the partnership with Qloo and based on its 750 billion plus cultural correlations already mapped by its AI engine, WE by West will now also predict consumer tastes. For each title selected on the platform, WE by West will provide West’s airline clients with a number of recommendations for movies, TV shows and music, all based on the title initially selected. This, along with West’s Data and Analytics solution, will enable West to help its clients strengthen their customer satisfaction.

About West Entertainment, LLC

West Entertainment, LLC is a premier specialist and customer-centric in-flight entertainment content service provider (CSP) to the airline, cruise and local creative markets, supported by a full-service post-production house.