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Press Release: Lufthansa details new economy class catering partnership


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueIn autumn 2020, Lufthansa announced that it would soon be offering Economy Class passengers a range of high-quality food and beverages for purchase on board short- and medium-haul flights. The airline has now decided on its catering partners.

With dean&david, Lufthansa was able to win over a young gastronomy company from Munich that represents freshness, quality and a sense of responsibility – for healthy food, high-quality ingredients and sustainable nutrition as well as environmentally friendly packaging.

The culinary offer, which will be available on flights with a duration of at least 60 minutes, will be high quality and full of variety. Gate Gourmet, Lufthansa’s new main caterer for Europe, prepares essential components of the assortment, such as salads, bowls, wraps and sandwiches, fresh daily according to dean&david recipes.

The menu includes a salmon avocado bowl, falafel tahini salad, crunchy chicken bowl or sweet chilli chicken sandwich as well as freshly made Bircher muesli. There will also be “Best of dean&david Boxes” with a fine selection from the dean&david assortment.

salmon avocado bowl in the centre of a white backgroundThe menu selection will be complemented by cake specialities and snacks from other manufacturers, such as vegetable crisps. The prices for meals and snacks will range from two to about 12 Euros. The range of fresh products will be updated every three months.

falafel tahini salad photogrpahed on white background with a rollLufthansa will be expanding its long-standing cooperation with the traditional Munich-based company Dallmayr for hot beverages, confectionery and patisserie specialties. One highlight of this assortment is the project coffee Dano. The name stands for a cultivation region in Ethiopia. Dallmayr supports local people there with projects such as building a school and establishing a coffee cooperation.

The product range is complemented by various organic teas, such as Alpine Herbs and First Flush Darjeeling, as well as chocolate milk. Furthermore, chocolates from the Dallmayr praline factory and a selection of cake specialities in cooperation with Gate Gourmet will also be offered.


There will also be a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. A bottle of tomato juice or orange juice, for example, will be available for three Euros, as will a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea. A bottle of water and a small chocolate surprise will be served free of charge.

The focus of the new in-flight offer is on quality, freshness and sustainability. Christina Foerster, Executive Board Lufthansa Group Customer, IT & Corporate Responsibility, explains: “Our partners dean&david and Dallmayr represent outstanding quality and responsible action. In addition to the satisfaction of our guests, the topic of responsibility for the environment is also very important to us. We use almost exclusively sustainable materials for our packaging. Furthermore, we ensure that less food is wasted through more accurate production. We are pleased to be able to offer our passengers fresh products on European flights that taste delicious.”

The new food and beverage offer scheduled to be available on Lufthansa’s short- and medium-haul flights starting in the course of the summer timetable 2021. Orders will be placed directly on board.

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