Z110i cabin digital mock up showing black and light grey slimline seats.

Press Release: Safran Seats’ Z110i platform certified on Embraer E-Jets

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueSafran Seats’ latest generation of economy class seat, the Z110i, is now certified on Embraer E-Jets.

The Z110i is a versatile solution: it is equipped with a large range of pre-certified options allowing it to cover a wide range of applications and airline preferences.

Airlines can choose Z110i as a very light seat with no recline or a fully comfortable seat with all the options.

It is also an efficient solution with an overall light weight, available in short lead times and with a reduced parts count for ease of maintenance and enhanced reliability.

An E-Jets LOPA featuring Z110i seats


About Safran Seats

With over one million seats equipping the fleets of the major airlines, Safran Seats is one of the world’s leading suppliers of seating for passengers, crews and helicopters.

Safran Seats partners with airlines and commercial plane and helicopter manufacturers to bring its customers innovative, high added-value solutions to support them in their business.

Its expertise encompasses the entire value chain of its products, from design to assembly and including certification.