Press Release: Copa Airlines presents new Panama-inspired safety video

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueCopa Airlines and the Panama Tourism Promotion Fund (PROMTUR Panama) reaffirm their commitment to the country’s tourism development, launching a new and unprecedented safety video onboard the airline’s flights, inspired by Panama and its tourist attractions.

This world-class video production aims to position Panama as a unique tourist destination, abundant in culture, plentiful natural resources, beaches, and many fun entertainment options, while enjoyably informing its passengers about important safety measures they must comply with during their trip.

The video was filmed by the end of 2019 by the Panamanian audiovisual production company VFX. Copa Airlines’ new safety video is the first in Latin America that highlights entirely a country’s wonders. It will be enjoyed by thousands of passengers from different nationalities that frequently fly with the airline.

This special audiovisual piece is the latest example of multiple efforts and initiatives to promote Panama. This video and the Panama Stopover program, launched in 2019, position the country as one of the most attractive destinations for travelers in the region. Copa Airlines and the national tourism authorities have executed those efforts over the years.

“We decided to launch this important video that displays the beauty of Panama because the  country has just reopened its borders and must continue to position itself as a tourist destination, especially when the decision to travel for pleasure is a process that begins a long time before  the trip”, said Pedro Heilbron, CEO Copa Airlines. “We consider this effort as an incentive in the  gradual reactivation of a sector that has been prepared and is ready – in terms of biosafety measures – to receive visitors, once they are ready to travel,” he added.

“At PROMTUR Panama, an international destination marketing organization, we are committed  to increasing Panama’s visibility, highlighting the beauty of our natural and cultural heritage. This  video is part of the Stopover Strategic Alliance, launched in 2019 together with a Panamanian  airline that flies to our primary target markets,” said Fernando Duque, Chairman of the Board of  Director of PROMTUR Panama.

Copa Airlines’ new safety video will be actively promoted in the airlines’ social media platforms and that of the destination such as, as well as other platforms to generate interest in Panama while people around the world start making their travel plans again.


“Copa Airlines’ new safety video that highlights the authenticity of our culture and nature is a wise contribution. The video is very timely since Panama is putting a lot of effort into reactivating the tourism sector. It is also implementing the new Sustainable Tourism Master Plan that highlights the innovation and key differentiators as a destination based on our extraordinary natural resources and the diversity of our cultural heritage, said Iván Eskildsen, General Administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority.

The video shows Copa Airlines’ staff and crew members guide passengers through a journey full of music, culture, adventures, and experiences that every tourist would like to live. It also shows 12 iconic landmarks of the diverse Panamanian geography while creatively revealing the safety measures that passengers must follow in all flights.

Panama City, Old Town, Boquete, San Carlos Lagoon, Bocas del Toro, Los Santos, Chagres National Park and Tocumen International Airport, were some of the locations where the video was filmed by the end of 2019. The video production included a team of more than 250 people among scriptwriters, creatives, producers, technicians, actors, and locals of the different places that served as the scenario to show tourists the experiences that can only be enjoyed in Panama.

Now, when travelers fly with Copa Airlines, in addition to observe the necessary safety  measures, disinfection, hygiene and biosafety protocols that the airline has implemented,  together with the national health authorities and the Tocumen International Airport, they will pay  more attention to the safety measures, captivated by a majestic tour of “The Panama we all  remember and will soon return,” as alluded to in the new Copa Airlines security video.