Press Release: Vision-Box and AirAsia advance touchless PaxEx

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueVision-Box – a world leader in biometrics seamless travel, automated border management and electronic identity management solutions dedicated to improving the quality and security in government services, travel and border control – today announced a regional strategic partnership with AirAsia Group, to implement industry leading, identity management technology across its network of 152 airports.

As a leader and pioneer of new seamless digital identification technologies throughout the travel  ecosystem, AirAsia has already demonstrated its ability to be ahead of the curve to be able to respond quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restricted travel environment, including the need for new travel safety requirements than many other airlines. This is evident in initiatives such as F.A.C.E.S (Fast Airport Clearance Experience System), the airline’s contactless facial recognition passenger processing system.

To continue their innovative trend, AirAsia engaged Vision-Box to help them realise the next step in providing a seamless touchless identification and contactless clearance traveller experience. Further enhancing their digital identity management strategy across AirAsia Group will dramatically improve the customer experience with a single enrolment for services at key customer process points.

The Vision-Box’s Orchestra™ Identity Management Platform, a collaborative digital platform of real time data administration and end-to-end customer-centric service management tools, will  provide instant analysis, monitoring, reporting and configuration ability for a more convenient and  seamless travel experience.

Orchestra will interconnect with AirAsia’s network to regulate all virtual and physical security and data infrastructure in real-time, bridging and managing the information flow between traveller processing points, multi-source data streams, and relevant stakeholders.

Today’s announcement combines the following new services and solutions:

  • Delivery of F.A.C.E.S (Fast Airport Clearance Experience System) – A touchless identification and contactless clearance platform designed for mobile check-in to  enhance the guest experience at the airport,  improve customer brand loyalty, and be an integral part of AirAsia’s overall digitization  strategy.
  • Network wide Digital Identity Management – A collaborative development to drive organizational data ecosystem expansion and technology enablers across AirAsia’s travel and finance platforms.
  • Deployment of seamless touchless and contactless experience traveller points across AirAsia’s 24 travel hubs to include:
    • Mobile Digital ID enrolment.
    • Biometric Facial Recognition devices at check-in (FACES)
    • Automated bag-drop self-service.
    • Roving VPoD for temperature checks.
    • Security and Boarding VPoD for seamless traveller identification and clearance.

Speaking about the strategic partnership with AirAsia, Miguel Leitmann, the CEO of Vision-Box said: “This collaboration is a powerful gamechanger for the industry. Partnering with AirAsia will allow Vision-Box to deliver the very best strategies that will be uniquely conceived, designed and built for the next generation of transformative identity management platforms.

“We believe this partnership will lead to a traveller management model that will drive how passenger identification and clearance is conducted in the near future with substantially reduced operating costs, increased efficiency and improved output.”

Javed Malik, COO of AirAsia Group said “Our digital transformation strategy commenced over two years ago and we are taking the opportunity from this COVID-19 crisis to further improve our digital capabilities and enhance the customer journey. These new technologies are integral to make flying as safe, affordable, seamless, and convenient as possible, which is critical in the Covid restricted travel environment. We are pleased to partner with Vision-Box as an industry leader in  their field to deliver a major step change in touchless and contactless air travel technologies.”

Vision-Box’s Orchestra™ Identity Management Platform is certified with Privacy by Design™, a premiere accreditation for safeguarding personal and private information used in Identity Management services. Privacy by Design prioritizes the protection of individual data and ensures the highest level of privacy protection as a system default in government and commercial networks. Its use in Orchestra™ significantly improves how Vision-Box and its clients meet the levels of privacy and security of personal data that citizens and consumers are demanding.

The Vision-Box and AirAsia collaboration will bring together industry leading innovations in digital traveller processing strategy, biometric ID technology ideation and passenger management system maturation. Together, they will support travellers through a successful transformation towards a safer, more secure, and hygienic airport environment.


About Vision-Box 

Vision-Box is a multinational company with a presence on 5 continents and over 6,000 digital identity solutions used by more than 700 million citizens. The company is a world leader in biometrics seamless travel, automated border management and electronic identity management solutions. Vision-Box’s technology is present in more than 80 airports worldwide. Responsible for the most relevant advances in the use of biometrics, Vision-Box solutions streamline the passenger experience throughout their journey and improve the efficiency of public services to ensure safety, security and performance. Based in Portugal, the company has 12 offices around the world in countries that include the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, USA and India.

About AirAsia 

AirAsia is a leading travel and financial platform company in Asia Pacific, providing air transport, travel and lifestyle services, as well as financial services. AirAsia started as a low-cost carrier with  operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, India and Japan, and has carried  more than 600 million guests to over 150 destinations in its network across Asia, Australia, the  Middle East and the US. Recognised for its world-class service, the airline has been named Skytrax World’s Best Low-Cost Airline 11 years in a row from 2009 to 2019 and World Travel Awards World’s Leading Low-Cost Airline for seven consecutive years from 2013 to 2019. AirAsia  has since embarked on a transformation journey to become more than just an airline, with the  inclusion of hotels, holidays, activities and online shopping on its travel and lifestyle platform, integrated logistics through Teleport and digital financial services via its money app, BigPay.