Press Release: Jamco announces Project Blue Sky clean cabin initiative

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Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueJamco Corporation announces its new “Project Blue Sky” initiative, which is a global, collaborative clean cabin initiative between Jamco and its affiliates to develop and produce touchless, hygienic cabin interior products for the aerospace industry. This clean cabin initiative seeks to increase cabin cleanliness and to alleviate passenger stress during air travel, both critically important in the wake of the COVID-19 global health crisis.

The “Project Blue Sky” initiative includes the latest in hygienic and touchless air cabin technologies, including seats, cabin dividers, and lavatories, as well as improved disinfection technologies for use in locations throughout the cabin. The initiative is born out of Jamco’s commitment to help ease the transition to a “new normal” and a new era of cleanliness in the commercial aerospace industry.

The “Project Blue Sky” initiative includes the development of products such as the Clean Cabin Divider. A transparent seat divider affixed above the seat, the Clean Cabin Divider acts as a barrier to limit the potential transmission of germs. The Clean Cabin Divider was designed with consideration to passenger visibility and security, cost effective header design, and passenger comfort.

In the lavatory, touchless products such as the Hands-Free Toilet Seat/Lid, Hands-Free Waste Flap, and Touchless Faucet all minimize contact in high-touch areas, reducing the possible spread of germs between passengers and crew, as well as reducing the need for disinfection.

Jamco is also working to revolutionize the process of aircraft disinfection through its UV disinfection concepts. The company is pursuing the development of UV disinfection technology; ultraviolet rays have been proven to destroy the DNA structure of viruses and bacteria, thus preventing the spread of diseases. Jamco’s UV disinfection concept includes installing new, human-safe UV technology in lavatories, galleys, and seating areas to enable disinfection and germ elimination during flight.


About Jamco Corporation

Jamco Corporation is a premier supplier of Airbus and Boeing aircraft interior products in high-quality lavatories, galleys and passenger seats to airlines worldwide. Jamco is the sole supplier of 787 lavatory, galley, bar, and cockpit door and bulkhead, and also an A350XWB ICE Rear galley supplier. Jamco continues to establish the position as a key premium seat supplier by completing the construction of a FAA certified dynamic test facility. As the industry’s first ODA authorized interior integrator, Jamco supports aircraft modifications with in-house engineering, manufacturing, supplier management, and complete FAA, EASA, and CAAS STC certification, a full service provider.