Press Release: Inflight Dublin offers free 6-month trial of wireless IFE


Press Release hub banner blue with title in red white and blueInflight Dublin is offering a 6-month free trial of its wireless inflight entertainment (IFE) solution, Everhub™, to airlines seeking support during this difficult period.

Everhub™ is a one-stop-shop for all of your IFE needs, consisting of Hardware, Software, Content, and Ancillary services.

Inflight Dublin is offering Everhub™ on a trial basis to assist airlines in pausing content & integration costs, whilst providing a high quality and user-friendly IFE experience to passengers.

Utilizing one supplier for all IFE requirements poses many operational and financial benefits to airlines, and with the use of personal devices (PEDs) and the ability to digitize publications, wireless inflight entertainment supports new hygiene and safety protocols relating  to Covid-19.


The Everhub™ portable wireless server is DO-160G certified and minimises operational costs through its hot-swappable battery configuration and remote loading of content. Fuel costs are also reduced as weight-savings due to the digitization of publications and potential removal of seatback screens are obtained.

Ancillary revenue generators such as advertisements and destination services offset costs and create new revenue streams for airlines while enhancing the offering provided to passengers on board.

“Wireless IFE is continuing to grow in popularity as it minimises touchpoints for passengers and is an affordable option for airlines that want to deliver high-quality content to their passengers. Many airlines are already experiencing the benefits of Everhub™, with our innovation programme ensuring that our solutions meet the changing needs of the market.”  – John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO.