Press Release: ThinKom Ka antenna forms core of GDC Technics’ IFC


GDC Technics, an industry leader in aircraft modifications, MRO services, technical services, and electronic systems, announces the availability of its open and modular connectivity suite. The GDC solution was crafted by working with a range of industry innovators including Kontron, ThinKom, and Cloudcast. The collaboration centered on GDC’s solution imperatives for performance, coverage, and service provider agility.

At the core of the solution is ThinKom’s innovative Ka band antenna solution, coupled with a modular modman array. The technical collaboration has included installation on a B737 demonstrator aircraft coupled with a major North American service provider. It also includes a range of certifications to accelerate new customer implementations beginning Mid-October of this year.

The GDC Technics Ka-based platform is a new product in GDC’s electronic systems portfolio.  The cornerstone of the Ka offering is ThinKom’s Ka2517, which was selected for its versatility, efficiency, reliability, and peak performance. The ThinKom solution also affords GDC customers a range of future choices with its ability to support new Service Offerings based on MEO and LEO satellite constellations, while maximizing coverage scenarios.  The unified communications suite will stand alone in its ability to bring new performance thresholds to the airline industry – with many tests already demonstrating peak performance in excess of a couple hundred megabits per second. The communication platform, when paired with GDC’s connectivity partners, will offer comprehensive North American coverage, and will extend via international roaming agreements, which are in the works.

“With the complete package, GDC Technics is capable of providing North American airlines with a cabin media solution at price-points enabling new cabin products, including models for free customer Wi-Fi,” said GDC Technics CEO Brad Foreman. “GDC will provide this product under a variety of options that range from ‘kits only’ to full turn-key installation and managed connectivity services for customers.” Foreman added, “With this offering, airlines can select customized solutions based upon their optimal business model, with the assurance that the technology solution can continuously evolve in line with consumer appetite for performance, and the new service choices on the horizon.”


In line with the introduction of the GDC connectivity suite, GDC is pleased to announce that Stephen Rice has joined to head up North American Sales for the electronic systems portfolio.  As VP of North American Sales, Rice joins GDC Technics with qualifications including 20+ years of aerospace management, extensive sales leadership and program launch experience. Rice starts his role with GDC Technics with a focus on IFE and connectivity systems sales to the VIP and commercial aircraft markets.

“The integrated GDC platform introduces a new standard for cabin performance in terms of throughput and more resilient connections, while keeping a focus on compatibility with current and future satellite systems.  For our airline customers, the GDC offering ‘future proofs’ their aircraft for the years ahead and offers flexible service provider solutions that are not available today,” said Stephen Rice.

About GDC Technics

GDC Technics is a world-class aircraft company with extensive expertise in Modifications, MRO services, Technical services and Electronic systems. GDC Technics is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas with multiple worldwide locations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.