Press Release: Adaptive reaches milestone for digital press IFE solution

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Adaptive, developer of ACES – a sophisticated mobile inflight entertainment (IFE) and digital press solution that is used by leading global airlines, including Singapore Airlines, SAS, TAP Portugal among others – is proud to announce a huge milestone in the company’s history.

Over 20 airlines and airport lounges are now using ACES to provide their passengers with access to digital press, with passengers downloading/streaming more than 25 million copies of digital newspapers and magazines since the company’s launch in 2012.

In recent years, many airlines (of all sizes and types) are recognizing the tremendous value of using their in-flight entertainment system to provide their passengers access to digital copies of newspapers and magazines onboard (rather than hard-copies).

There are many reasons that offering digital press has become so popular industry-wide:

  • For airlines and airport lounges, digital press offers many important benefits (when compared to traditional hard-copy press):
  • Significant cost savings, due to both fuel usage and transporting/disposing of the hard-copy content and cleaning of the aircraft.
  • Decreased C02 emissions and reduced carbon footprint, resulting in an overall decrease in the airline’s environmental impact.
  • A significantly improved passenger satisfaction rating.

For passengers, digital press offers:

  • Access to a wider variety of digital newspapers and magazines from around the globe, in multiple languages.
  • Immediate access to new digital content as soon as new issues are released.
  • The ability to access all of the IFE content at the gate, while waiting to board, a time when many passengers don’t have any access to entertainment; in addition, if a passenger, using ACES, doesn’t finish their newspaper/magazine during their flight, they are able to finish reading it once they land in their destination, on their personal device.

“As an airline with 1.5 million+ passengers per year, we are always looking for ways to improve our passengers’ inflight experience and make ourselves stand out from our competitors, without breaking the bank,” said Sophie Jean-Victor, Inflight Manager at Air Caraïbes. “We chose ACES six years ago because it allowed us to ban all paper magazines and newspapers from our flights while enhancing our press offer. It has proved to be a very reliable and versatile solution, as it can handle many use cases and gives our passengers access to many different content genres, in different languages.”

“ACES ability to entertain passengers at the gate, onboard and after the flight is truly unique and it is a powerful passenger experience differentiator for airlines,” said Laurent Safar, CEO of Adaptive. David Fairand, COO of Adaptive added: “We knew how much impact going digital would have for airlines and their passengers – and the 20+ airlines and airport lounge clients using ACES have already experienced this positive impact firsthand.”


About Adaptive

Adaptive provides global airlines with a sophisticated mobile inflight entertainment (IFE) solution called ACES, which delivers curated content in multiple languages, encompassing diverse, globally-relevant media, along the entire customer journey – before, during and after the flight. ACES was designed to function either as a standalone IFE solution or a complement to a seatback or wireless IFE solution, for all types and sizes of airlines and for all types of routes (including short and medium haul, as well as regional routes). The solution offers airline passengers maximum flexibility and a large library of content (including digital media, such as newspapers and magazines), all of which can be viewed on the passenger’s own mobile device or on devices provided by the airline via an app or web portal. The solution can also be used to provide entertainment to guests in airport lounges or by other transportation companies looking for a flexible, cost-effective entertainment solution for their passengers.

Current airline clients include Singapore Airlines, SAS, TAP Portugal among others. ADAPTIVE’s mobile IFE technology is also currently used in airport lounges across Europe and by other transportation providers around the world.