Press Release: ABC announces cabin branding program with Air Belgium

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ABC International and Air Belgium are pleased to announce a new collaboration for the installation of a cabin branding element on the A340 fleet of the Belgian start-up.

Air Belgium selected ABC International for the design and manufacturing of three different types of branding elements on board their A340s, in the different classes of service.

ABC International worked constantly “shoulder to shoulder” with Air Belgium to achieve a product which enabled the start-up carrier to widen its onboard brand image. Being a new carrier, Air Belgium has invested in branding since the beginning of its new adventure, grasping the importance of having a widespread and recognizable brand in the competitive aviation market.

The project started in the winter of 2017, and deliveries inclusive of all the relevant EASA approvals occurred in April 2018. The two companies met for the first time last year, during the Aircraft Interiors Expo, 2017.

“The final result was amazing and we are very satisfied of Air Belgium technical department collaboration,” declared Alberto D’Ambrosio, ABC International Chief Executive Officer.

“When the program was launched”, he continued, “Air Belgium was just at the beginning of its new life; everyone was excited [about] contributing to the establishment of a new airline.”

He added, “Working for a start-up is really motivating and it gave us a challenging approach.”

Air Belgium performed its inaugural flight on June the 3rd, 2018, from Bruxelles Charleroi to Hong Kong, and ABC cabin branding elements have successfully flown on board since then.

ABC International designed, engineered, certified and manufactured three different types of branding elements:

  1. 20” Airline’s Logo;
  2. 15” Airline’s Logo;
  3. 41” Airline’s Logo and Script (two units per A/C).

Branding elements are made of aluminum varnished in high glossy red finishing, per Air Belgium’s corporate color, and can be seen in the following installation locations:

  1. Business Class Area, on Galley G4;
  2. Business Class Area, on Partition CTR;
  3. Economy Class Area, on Lavatories L61/L62 and Stairhouse.

“ABC International has supported us accurately from the very beginning,” confirmed Christian Tolomé, Air Belgium Technical Manager, who is responsible for the cabin branding project with ABC.

“First of all, we had to define the right color which matched our new cabin interior design and they found the best solution to accommodate our requests. The technical and program management support were prompt and they took care of all demands keeping high level the quality of their services.”

He added that the ABC team “had to work under pressure to respect the deadline in order to present Air Belgium’s A340 first flight event. We were excited about our first takeoff, and thanks to the responsibility of each [of the] stakeholders involved in this program it was a great success. We are satisfied of ABC International collaborative support.”


About ABC International

ABC International is an EASA-DOA Company (EASA.21J.529) based in Naples, Italy. Since 2009, ABC has been a leading entity in the cabin branding market. During the years, thanks to its reliability, high professionalism and hard-work attitude, ABC International achieved successful results partnering with some of the most important airlines in the industry (THY, Etihad, TAP, Air Canada, Ethiopian Airlines). These results have represented a further motivation for ABC to grow in the right direction, looking at the future with innovation and industrial progress.

About Air Belgium

Air Belgium is a Belgian Airline headquartered in Mont-Saint-Guibert and based at the Brussels South Charleroi Airport. With its first official flight on June 3rd, 2018, the carrier has jumped into the market with the intention to be the link between Belgium and several destinations in China. Premium onboard service, reliability and affordable fares make Air Belgium a new strong reality in the commercial aviation industry, with great plans to grow more in the near future.