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#PaxEx Podcast: Fifty-year pilot John O. Graybill on flying private safely


Welcome to Episode 59 of the #PaxEx Podcast. Our guest for this show is John O. Graybill, a FAA designated master pilot with over 50 years of aviation experience. After John’s wife had a near-death experience as a passenger in a friend’s private airplane, he wrote “Private-Airplane Passenger Safety: What You Need to Know” as a guide to help other passengers know if their general aviation pilot and their flight will be a safe one.

First, while the business aviation market has grappled with a softening for the last several years, business aircraft charters are on the rise, especially with younger travelers. Given John’s background and new book, co-hosts Max Flight and Mary Kirby ask him about the safety considerations for booking private aircraft, and the type of pilot behaviors that could lead to a crash.

Next, in the commercial airline space there is a well-reported debate over pilot shortages, but in business aviation, it is a reality. John shares his thoughts on how the sector can retain the best pilots.

Last but not least, the FAA recently confirmed it has no intention of setting baseline aircraft seat space standards for commercial flying. Responding to a court order, the agency told consumer advocacy group Flyers Rights that it doesn’t see an imminent safety concern, and will not initiate rulemaking. John, Max and Mary discuss the latest developments, and consider whether government should regulate seat size on airlines.