Press Release: GDPR is here; what RGN is doing to protect your data

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in effect. A sweeping regulation, the GDPR represents data security best practices that will ultimately benefit all.

In preparation for GDPR, Runway Girl Network implemented a number of enhancements to the website – including updates about your rights and choices with respect to your data – and we updated our Privacy Policy.

Please take a moment to review the Privacy Policy.

We also believe it is important to impart the following:

  • Our email lists are opt-in only; we have never padded our lists with non-subscribers’ names and email addresses. If you believe your email address has been added to our lists by anyone without your consent, please contact us immediately at
  • If you have subscribed to our email lists (our free newsletter or subscription-based direct-to-inbox premium content), please take a minute to update your preferences and ensure that you receive the most relevant communications from Runway Girl Network.
  • It is a user’s right to access their full record and have all personal data deleted. You can manually unsubscribe from our email lists and cancel any subscription. Please also feel free to contact us directly at if you would like for us to update your preferences, unsubscribe you from any list, cancel your subscription, provide you with your record, delete your record or have any questions about your account.

Ensuring the privacy of our users is deeply important to us. Other changes and improvements will be communicated to users as the world strengthens its data protection rules.

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