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Press Release: ATPCO, Routehappy to align pricing data and rich content

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ATPCO and Routehappy today announced a partnership to integrate both companies’ products to accelerate the pace at which airlines and distributors can deliver a richer flight shopping experience to consumers. By bringing together ATPCO’s fare and ancillary data with Routehappy’s merchandising content platform, Routehappy Hub, airlines and distributors will now be able to align rich content with prices.

The partnership will focus on multiple product alignments and integrations in the coming year, the first of which is the integration of ATPCO’s Optional Services Industry Sub Codes into Routehappy Hub, a powerful merchandising platform for flight shopping.  Routehappy Hub is now able to connect these ATPCO sub codes as rich content tagging criteria.

With the integration of the sub codes, airlines and distributors can now consistently present and merchandise any ancillary product in a visual, more consumer-friendly way. These sub codes cover hundreds of ancillary products from the more common premium cabin upgrades and checked bags to more unique products like deer antlers from a passenger’s recent hunting trip, or pre-ordering on-board champagne to celebrate a special life event.

“ATPCO is embarking on a transformation that embraces the needs of airlines to remain highly differentiated across all distribution models,” said ATPCO CEO Rolf Purzer. “Routehappy has made innovative achievements in rich content merchandising. So combining the depth, reach, and reliability of ATPCO’s fare and ancillary data with the Routehappy Hub was a logical next step for us.”

Routehappy and ATPCO are also exploring an even deeper integration of ATPCO Optional Services and Branded Fares with Routehappy Hub, which will give airlines an easy way to turn fare attributes like priority boarding and seat selection into merchandising content.

“ATPCO is the travel industry’s backbone for distributing fare and ancillary data to airlines and systems around the world. Working together with ATPCO to supplement that data with rich merchandising content will offer airlines and distributors a seamless way to turn fare attributes and ancillary services into consumer-friendly content,” said Routehappy CEO Robert Albert. “Given that airline ancillary revenue is growing in the billions of dollars each and every year our partnership presents a huge opportunity for airlines and distributors.”

Purzer explains that “The efficiencies we create between airlines and the market has made us a trusted partner at the center of the airfare distribution ecosystem. By working with Routehappy, a leader in the management of rich content, we are further enhancing our distribution capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the entire industry.”

The partnership news comes after Routehappy recently added new advanced features into Routehappy Hub including Pseudo City Code (PCC) restrictions, allowing airlines to control and restrict access to their rich content. A PCC is an identification number that identifies travel agencies around the world. Both Routehappy and ATPCO’s solutions are IATA NDC compatible.


ATPCO is the world leader in the distribution of fare and fare-related data for the airline and travel industry. Its products and services organize fares so they can seamlessly integrate with global distribution systems, pricing systems, computer reservation systems, governments and related travel organizations. In doing so, ATPCO creates efficiencies across the airline industry to drive the overall fare management process. ATPCO currently works with more than 400 of the world’s largest airlines, holding over 160 million fares with an average of 3.5 million fare changes a day. Find out more at www.atpco.net.

About Routehappy

Routehappy powers merchandising content for flight shopping, helping airlines and distributors differentiate and better monetize their products. Routehappy’s Scores & Amenities API provides flight scores and cabin amenity data, including aircraft, seat, layout, entertainment, Wi-Fi, power, fresh food and relative duration. Routehappy Hub is a cloud-based platform that helps airlines create, manage and distribute targeted product and ticket attribute content, in standardized formats UPA (Universal Product Attribute) and UTA (Universal Ticket Attribute) wherever flights are displayed. Routehappy is based in New York, serving airlines and distributors worldwide. For more information, visit www.routehappy.com.

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