#PaxEx TV: Snakes, snack bars and the ultra-luxe Falcon 900LX

In this episode of #PaxEx TV, we take a look at Aeromexico’s stylish and utilitarian bar concept for its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner; and life imitates art in a real-life “Snakes on a Plane” incident for the Mexican flagship carrier.

Additionally, RGN contributing editor John Walton talks to Airbus executives about how the Airspace cabin concept will transcend aircraft families and what they call the “digital native” aircraft.

We also give you a glimpse inside the ultra-luxe cabin of Dassault’s modernized Falcon 900LX, and spotlight breaking news about Singapore Airlines’ daring challenge to the world’s two leading commercial aircraft manufacturers: Airbus and Boeing.


Host: Maryann Simson @jetwayMJ
Producer: Maryann Simson @jetwayMJ
Field correspondent: John Walton @thatjohn
Field camera: John Walton @thatjohn
Studio camera: Steve Pearcy Photography www.stevepearcyphotography.co.uk
Edit: Erik Kaben www.ekdeisgnz.de info@ekdesignz.de 

Special thanks to: Our sponsor Panasonic Avionics www.panasonic.aero , Airbus www.airbus.com

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