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Press Release: Cobham highlights its latest InfoSec innovations

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RWGPRHubn pressCobham joined the recent Global Connected Aircraft (GRA) Summit in Los Angeles to discuss the current situation of aircraft cybersecurity. Nils Helle, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Cobham SATCOM, together with colleagues from Thales and Intelsat shared his expert opinions on what the aviation industry can do to protect connected aircraft technologies against the threat of cyber intrusion.

Nils Helle highlighted Cobham’s AVIATOR S Series, a leading example of industry innovation around the use of IP for the secure transfer of data between aircraft and ground automation systems, or more specifically Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) data.

The AVIATOR S Series hardware will support Inmarsat’s new Swiftbroadband Safety (SB-S) solution, which boasts new digital applications including ‘black box in a cloud’, and has been selected by Airbus as a linefit option on A320 and A330 aircraft beginning in 2018. In an interview with RGN about the new offering, Inmarsat stated:

In terms of growing the services that are going to require this safe IP pipe that are dedicated purely to cockpit services, we believe it will continue to explode.

Cobham AVIATOR S Series satcom solution brings nose-to-tail next generation connectivity to commercial airlines and enables powerful next-gen applications. It also enables pilots to share real-time, relevant information with dispatchers and ground control for greater safety, situational awareness, route optimisation and to sync aircraft directly with your Flight Operations Quality Control (FOQA) system.

AVIATOR S Series is an:

  • Ultra-compact, lightweight HLD & Advanced Low Gain Antenna (HELGA) and Compact Satellite Data Unit (C-SDU) two-box solution
  • Safety and non-safety domain segregation
  • Multiple simultaneous voice calls
  • Reduces LRUs to 2 in the AVIATOR 200S configuration
  • Meets all ARINC 781 specifications
  • Powerful Aircraft Health Monitoring (AHM) applications
  • Secure and segregated aircraft domains
  • 2D overview of weather systems
  • Real-time EFB updates
  • Route optimisation for higher yield per mile
  • Detailed aircraft diagnostics
  • Maximum yield per passenger mile
  • Intelligent flight planning
  • FANS 1/A compliant
  • Improved safety procedures
  • E-enable every flight crew
  • Better management decision making

Fred Cahill, Senior Vice President for Business Development and Technology at Cobham SATCOM said, “At Cobham we take the issue of cybersecurity very seriously and our participation in the GRA Summit is testament to that. Our attendance at these leading industry events and taking part in panelist discussions enables Cobham to share our expertise and provide thought leadership to the industry. We look forward to attending future events and ensuring that our contribution helps keep aircraft safe from the threat of cyber-attack.”

The cybersecurity of cockpit connectivity is a vigorously discussed topic in the aviation industry today with the majority of airlines across the world considering cockpit and cabin connectivity solutions for their fleets.

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