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Press Release: TrueNorth introduces hybrid cloud solution to enhance IFC

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RWGPRHubn pressTrueNorth Avionics today introduced connected.aero, the company’s new airborne connectivity service at the Global Connected Aircraft Summit. Connected.aero will be aviation’s first hybrid cloud solution designed to amplify bandwidth and enhance the inflight connectivity experience to be more like on the ground.

“Inflight connectivity performance has improved over the last 10 years, but the passenger experience is often less than ideal,” said Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth CEO. “Our focus is to make the connectivity experience in the air the same as on the ground, which is why we created connected.aero. The first of its kind, this service will provide enhancements to inflight connectivity. Included with our Optelity Pro Cabin Gateway product, it is designed to take advantage of the bandwidth that’s available while creating a secure, more efficient connection between the aircraft and the service provider.”

With characteristically lower bandwidth, Inflight Internet has challenges. A variety of accidental activities cause reduced speeds. For example, passenger mobile devices doing background updates consume a big chunk of usable bandwidth. Interruptive content may load before desired content, eating still more bandwidth and curtailing speed. In addition, when an aircraft flies through different satellite coverage areas, dropped connections can prove frustrating. Connected.aero brings together, a cohesive suite of applications to manage the available bandwidth, add efficiencies and prevent dropped connections. Using a hybrid cloud model for delivery, connected.aero is service provider independent and designed specifically for use with the Optelity Pro Cabin Gateway product (Optelity Pro).

“Even with faster services are coming online, there will always be a need to improve the airborne Internet experience,” said Stephen Newell, TrueNorth head of business development. “Mobile devices will continue to evolve at a rapid pace, and only exacerbate the problem of limited bandwidth. Optelity Pro with connected.aero will address the challenges of the skinnier pipe, and the constant introduction of new devices. This new service option will support the growing range of satellite connectivity services—regardless of the specific type of link, or service provider.”

Hybrid Cloud Explained: 

Hybrid cloud uses the cloud and installed equipment to deliver specific services. Connected.aero combines the cloud and TrueNorth’s Optelity Pro to enhance the bandwidth on the aircraft. Having applications resided in the cloud ensures connected.aero will always up-to-date and can easily expand with new technology and applications. This also makes it transparent to the user. Like a virtual private network, the connection is always secure. Together the service and equipment provide flexibility, and reliability with virtually limitless upgradeability.

More About connected.aero

An option with TrueNorth’s Optelity Pro product, the connected.aero service will use a variety of techniques to reduce bandwidth-hogging data sessions such as background updates, block interruptive content, dropped connections and more. In addition, it will increase bandwidth using channel bonding, compression and acceleration. Since inflight Internet bandwidth is often at a premium, reducing needless data transmission by stopping it at the source is key to augmenting the airborne connectivity experience.

About TrueNorth:

We design and build the technology that powers the connected aircraft and addresses the rapidly changing landscape of mobile devices today and into the future. We are trusted by more Fortune 100 business jet operators for inflight communications systems than any other, and leading avionics manufacturers rely on our expertise to enable their own connectivity systems. Optelity, our newest product family is the ultimate in upgradeable, while our flight deck communication systems enable safety and efficiency. With effortless connectivity for smart phones and other mobile devices, our systems deliver high fidelity voice, GSM, Wi-Fi, and enterprise E-mail capabilities. Only TrueNorth provides app-based, ready-to-upgrade solutions that empower people to stay connected to what matters, whenever and wherever they have to fly. Connections made simple for ten years. Visit TrueNorth at truenorth.aero.

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