Press Release: Princess Cruises adds SmartTray tables to its trains

SmartTray® Rail & Bus, LLC, announced today Princess Cruises Rail in Anchorage, Alaska will be the first rail line in North America to deploy SmartTray® tables featuring integrated proprietary expandable groove mechanism that holds PEDs and smartphones giving its customers a hands-free experience while freeing up much needed tray table space for food, beverage, and other items brought onboard.

“With so many Princess Cruises customers traveling with their PEDs and smartphones today, Princess searched for robust, elegant, and innovative solutions that make it easier for their customers to use their personal electronic devices while eating, drinking and keeping in touch onboard,” said Nick Pajic, President & CEO of SmartTray Rail & Bus, LLC. “With SmartTray, travelers’ electronic devices are always within arm’s reach and in full sight – a convenience all of us welcome and appreciate,” added Pajic.

“Originally SmartTray was to only provide its patented tray tables with the expandable groove that automatically expands and retracts to the thickness of the PEDs and smartphones. Because of the aggressive delivery schedules, the seat manufacturer was unable to redesign Princess’ rail car seats in time to integrate SmartTray tables and meet the deployment deadlines,” said Jay Esty, SmartTray Rail & Bus, LLC, Chief Technical Officer.

“SmartTray team worked closely with the seat manufacturer and Princess Rail team to re-engineer and manufacture not only the new, larger, multi-purpose tray tables but also the seatback support arms, and the latch mechanism. We delivered on time and under budget,” added Esty.

Four rail cars will be installed with the integrated SmartTray solution for the 2016 Alaska season, which runs from May – September. Princess Cruises Rail offers service between Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali National Park and Fairbanks. Princess also offers Direct to the Wilderness rail service between the cruise terminal in Whittier and Princess Denali-area wilderness lodges.


SmartTray® Rail & Bus, LLC, works with companies around the world to integrate and deploy SmartTray’s patented and patents pending PED friendly tray tables globally for use in rail, bus, automotive and marine transportation. SmartTray’s mobile-device friendly tray tables power and facilitate hands-free use of portable electronics devices. SmartTray tables offer superior ergonomics, better space management, and improved comfort and convenience over conventional tray tables. SmartTray Rail & Bus, LLC, is privately owned. For more information, please visit: