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#PaxEx Podcast: German Ingenuity and Expedia Acuity


Welcome to Episode 18 of the #PaxEx Podcast. Our guest for this episode is Maryann Simson, a long-time aviation journalist and former editor of Pax International magazine. Maryann is a regular contributor to Runway Girl Network, Aircraft Interiors International magazine and APEX Experience magazine, and also provides marketing support to #PaxEx firms.


#PaxEx journalist Maryann Simson

In this episode, co-host Max Flight and I discuss AT&T’s recent surprise decision not to launch a 4G LTE inflight connectivity service in the United States. We consider what this means for passengers, and the incumbent provider of air-ground Internet, Gogo.

We also talk about why the city of Hamburg and major industry stakeholders – Airbus, Lufthansa Technik and others – are constructing one of the most modern civil aviation research facilities in the world. Maryann, who is based in Hamburg and recently attended a roof-topping ceremony for the facility, reveals details about the plans for this new so-called “Zal” center, and how it will serve as a platform for innovation. And we consider how Hamburg is putting its flag in the sand when it comes to the aircraft interiors sector.

Last but not least, we discuss online travel agent Expedia’s new partnership with Routehappy, which will allow passengers to see how individual flights are rated by Routehappy in their searches on Expedia. Routehappy rates flights based on various factors, including seat pitch and width, and whether entertainment, in-seat power and connectivity is offered. This dynamite partnership will bring a new level of visibility about airline product to passengers, resulting in a more positive #PaxEx.