VIDEO: BAE Systems gets off to a solid start with wireless IFE


As BAE Systems continues to try to break into the inflight entertainment and in-seat power market, a more refined version of its so-called IntelliCabin was on display this week at the APEX Expo in Anaheim.

Like many aerospace manufacturers – Airbus, Honeywell and Rockwell Collins – plus inflight connectivity provider OnAir, BAE Systems has whitelisted Global Eagle’s WISE wireless IFE software solution in order to shorten its time to market. Partnering with Global Eagle also enables BAE to offer all-inclusive packages that include content libraries for airline customers. With an estimated 65% market share, Global Eagle is the largest Content Service Provider in the world and has relationships in place with Hollywood’s heavy hitters.

During the Expo, BAE let RGN explore its new, more refined product.

Based on the consumer grade Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, the system was quite impressive, though not fully ready for deployment. The final hardware will be tweaked to be more robust and software refined, but BAE is off to an impressive start with a responsive and feature packed tablet offering. Check out the video for a full walk through of the system.